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fic: rewrite our story (master post)

Title: Rewrite Our Story
Author: inbetweencabs
Artist: faith_mars
Type: Romance AU
Word Count: 27,600
Rating: R
Pairing: Kris Allen/ Adam Lambert
Characters: Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Brad Bell, Allison Iraheta, Megan Joy, Cale Mills, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Matt Cardle, Doug and Ste from Hollyoaks, Kurt and Blaine from Glee, and a few female OCs
Warnings mild sexual content, explicit words
Summary: Ten years ago, Kris and Adam met in Rue Falls and fell in love with music and each other. But after that summer, they lost touch and led different lives. Now, Kris is working as a chef in Rue Falls and Adam’s coming back as well –and trying to find love as the new star of The Bachelor.

Author’s Notes: Special thanks to my wonderful beta claire_kay for her feedback and cheerleading. Major love to my writing buddy peacockcock for all the nights she yelled at me to write, and for making me fall in love with this pairing all over again. And a special shout out to keline for being my first reader and for just being awesome! I love you guys <3

This wasn’t the fic that I was originally writing for this challenge. I actually had to start from scratch very near the deadline but I was able to finish this story in two weeks. And that’s thanks to the encouragement of the KradamBangers e-mail support list. They’re all rock stars!

And check out the gorgeous art faith_mars made for this story! I gave her panic attacks with all the last minute changes (because seriously, this wasn’t the summary she claimed for this challenge) but she’s amazing and really patient to put up with my craziness. It was really a pleasure to work with her, so give her some love <3 (Seriously, check out the icons! And the banner! And the wallpaper!)

This story is for spangel_kat who donated to one of Kris’s charity drives in exchange for a Kradam fic. It took me a year to follow through, but here it is! Hope you like it, Kat! :D

Written for the third round of kradambigbang.


Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | AO3 | Art

fic: for george

It's actually George Harrison's 10th death anniversary, and I wanted to write something about him. He's my favorite Beatle, favorite musician probably, and he still makes me emotional many years after I first fell in love with him and his music when I was a kid and my dad made me listen to all those Beatles records. (Here Comes the Sun is my favorite song, still. It makes me happy :D )

You know how people have these people who inspire them? George is one of those for me. The way he viewed life, his friendships, how he loved - it takes my breath away and can only hope that I'm able to live my life the same way. Plus he had a wicked sense of humor so he was just a flawless human being, ok? :p

Alright, I'll stop being sappy now. Go listen to a George song (Something is not a Lennon/McCartney song, ok, FUUUU Frank Sinatra) and appreciate his awesomeness.

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book and shoes

fics start from snippets... that's what she said

Life has been crazy so far, but I feel like I'm in a place where everything's in transition. I went back home in 2009 and it's been three years, and now I'm leaving again. It's starting to sink in -- I mean, I'm going to have the pre-departure immigration seminars this week and I'm starting to pack my stuff -- but it just makes me realize that while I'm planning all of these, my current life is still going on in an unforgiving crazy pace.

What's fun about this is that I get to have all these crazy reunions with my old friends. I'm going to have one on the 25th with my college friends and we're seeing the Black Eyed Peas. LOL, I don't even really like BEP, but I know I'll have fun anyway because my friends are pretty cool. Then I'll go see Jason Mraz with a friend from grade school, and this one I'm ridiculously excited about. I hope he sings Bella Luna, omg, this will be me if he does:

And I'm thinking of writing a children's story/ novel next year. It's always been my dream to do it, and I don't know if it'd be picked up for publishing but actually finishing one would already be an achievement, in my opinion. I'm thinking of plots right now and if you have suggestions, hit me with it lol!

Also, I'm trying to finish the charity fics I owe people. I need to write a Kris/Adam Groundhog Day fic for the lovely spangel_kat and something with Cale and Cheeks, which means that I have housemate!Brad/Adam and gardener!Kris/Cale in the works for mrsfjl66. Probably XD

The one I'm writing right now though is the Kris/Adam Pretty Woman AU for jerakeen. Here's a short snippet and I'm not sure where this is going yet but omg I need to finish this before Halloween D:

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kris babby cab



How is he so cute? And lol, I can imagine people wanting to squish him when he was a kid because he did stuff like this and he had a stupid adorable face (omg his eyes) to go with it. *smish*

(peacockcock is a quick mofo and wrote this cavity-inducing fic. No, seriously, read it. She's awesome (and a manipulative bitch who can make me do things, but whatever. I adore her <3)
kris cabs

charity fic 1: that one perfect moment

I posted a charity fic! \o/ (One down, three more to go LOL)

The lovely catalm donated to krisfansunite in exchange for some Kris/Cook/Tommy fic, and I finally got to finish it. I actually had to rewrite it four times (kristina_bitch was able to read all of them, my poor bb, but damn it, Cook is so freaking straight, I can't even! /o\ ) before I finally settled on this one. Band fics are my favorite and this somehow evolved into that so I'm kind of happy on how this turned out.

Here it is in AO3. that one perfect moment

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